Sunday, 18th february 2001.

Organization for Alternative Solutions for the Sick AIDS, Inc. U.S.A.S.
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The facts and the oficial scientists agree with us.

The rethrovirologists, gathered in the Annual Conference of Chicago City, reached the conclusion that all drugs antirethrovirals are toxic. Due to this conclusion they have changed 180 degrees all the guidelines of the treatment from supposed «HIV» and AIDS.

Anthony Fauci.The height of that happened is that, Dr. Antony Fauci and other, said in the conference that unfortunately no scientist suspected that could happen, ignoring that hundred of scientific and our organization, the dissidents called, we have been exposing with luxury of details more than for 10 years that all the medicines used for the AIDS, didn't improve a single patient, but rather they are very toxic and even more, themselves can causes the AIDS.

Front to this position of the official ones, our organization, makes a call to all the victims of this tragedy, to recapture the reins of the control of its mental, emotional and physics health and, to keep in mind the possibility to lock for alternative and holistic solutions.

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Gerardo Sánchez,
Board Director U.S.A.S.